What you won’t read in the National Media… by Coastal Warriors on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 6:03pm

What you won’t read in the National Media… by Coastal Warriors on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 6:03pm

by Lisa Anthony on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 6:33pm

You will not learn this from the National News Media..So I have come to share this with you…Be informed people of America, of what is going on in your back yard…

For ALL my friends who think things are just fine and back to normal along …the coast…Think again..We are still fighting the big oil company as your life goes on…I am here to tell ya if someone doesn’t listen, then you can expect things to start getting nasty…

They have stopped almost all the news coverage so others in the country will believe your government is doing their job…All your government has done is being told what to do by big Corp America..I am dead serious! Our Environmental PROTECTION Agency , CDC, Dept of Interior, MMS AND your President have jumped when BP said to jump…EPA told them to stop the Corexit (Dispersant) use and they told them NO…”If you want to tell us how to handle this then YOU clean it up.” There is MUCH to be cleaned up and BP is not doing it… They are saying, we see no more oil, the scientist from USF and FSU and the Marine Biologist are finding plenty of it on the bottom of the ocean and its still washing up on shore and some still floating on the surface.. It is a foot under our beautiful quarts sand beaches. Every time the water washes over it it is turning our sugar white sand an ugly brown color. This will never be clean again..

Many have lost their homes because they no longer have a job or a lively hood that they grew up doing.. The oil is in our Intercoastal waterway canal , Bays, Bayou’s, and Creeks. We are still finding mass fish kills that are under the water and some also floating. You can go to our beach and on the surface things may appear normal from one day to the next but our labs are showing high readings of Volital Organic Compounds (look those up) in the sand. These compounds are in the air we are breathing although EPA tells us the air is fine. Our own private labs are telling us different. We have been lied to many times and folks are getting sick. They are having lab work done and finding these compounds in their blood stream. The sickness you can get from these mimic everyday illnesses. These compounds can attack your nerve endings and also cause neurological issues and cancer. It can cause High BP, nausea, sore throat, rashes etc…The VOC’s have even been detected in a swimming pool that was tested in south Florida. Where they came from has not been verified to this date. There is a possibility that it could also be in many other pools but the testing for that is not being done.. Our State or Government has not initiated any standard testing to investigate just how huge this problem is. We are left with the impression that they do not want anyone to really know how big the problem is for our health..

They are dumping the thick oil that has been scooped up off the surface of our beaches into our landfills. The normal process for oil spill waste, as in Valdez, is to incinerate this matter with a special incinerator process. We have begged them to do this to no avail. Now we wait to see how long it will take this waste to pollute out aquifer (drinking water). The residents in Mississippi had an attorney backing them so there waste is being handled properly but they had to fight for that..We, in Florida, don’t seem to have any attorneys that care enough to work pro Bono to save their own water supply.

The problem is that the citizens have been fighting to make the government and BP do what is right from the beginning. This is taking it’s tole on many of us… We should not have to fight to keep our families healthy and to keep our jobs or to be compensated. The people that have lost everything are not being compensated like you may think. I would say for some that may have been making a thousand dollars a week MAY receive $200.00 if they are very lucky.. Many have still not received anything. BP has spent millions on their ads on TV to convince a nation that they are doing the right thing…Their campaigns are full of lies.. This money could have been given to the people along the coast whos lives they have destroyed.

The oil spill took 11 lives and several others who could no longer could face the fact that they could not provide for their families…BP paid for their funerals and that is it… The families left without a Daddy or husband are trying to cope without the provider and loved one at the same time.. Does BP care about them??? NO! They are cold and heartless!The one man that I knew personally that took his own life had a marina and several charter boats. The only way he had left to provide for his family was to work for BP and join their Vessel Of Opportunity program. He became part of the clean up team. They made everyday a hell for this man… The paperwork they make these business owners have is so much so that they hope they will quit even trying to be reimbursed for what they have lost. A marina is useless if one has no use for their boat… You cannot sale a boat if the fish are poison and the waters are undiveable. You cannot run a Seafood restaurant if you do not have any seafood that is not poisoned. You cannot sale your home if the air you are breathing is poisoned…Do you see the domino effect here?? Our home values have plummeted. I am now paying for a home that is no longer valued at what my purchase price was. I am 5 miles from the Gulf and live in Florida. BP will only compensate those that are in Alabama , Mississippi and Louisiana and only if you are two blocks from the Gulf.. As if we had absolutely no oil here in Florida.. I have many photos to prove differently and many businesses who have shut their doors that prove differently.Did we ask for our property values to drop to almost nothing??? Hell NO!! It is BP’s fault and there is no one that cares enough to make them DO WHAT IS RIGHT!!!!

We have found that our government is truly run by Big Corporate Dollars… They donate mega bucks to campaigns and then are in control of all the puppet strings.. This has to change folks.. Our country is not what it use to be, not anything like what our founding fathers wanted it to be…It is not FOR the people BY the people.. This is not just a ranting by one individual… Ask any of us along the coast that have been fighting for what is right…This is a stark cold hard fact folks..

My message to you is to see your Government for what it REALLY is..See BP for what they really are… Pass this on to all you know so they will know what we are going through. There will quickly come a day, fellow citizens, that this will be the only way we will be able to gather and share what is going on in parts of our country. Our media is run by Big Corp as well as our Government. We have to look for a way to stop this process…

A concerned fellow citizen for democracy in this country… I want my Country back!!


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